Concerning the Times and the Seasons: Spring 2020

There's never been a time or a season quite like the one we are bearing witness to today. Here, at the end of May, we alternate between wanting to whoop and holler, "Freedom!" in our loudest spring voices--and wanting to keep everyone safe in a bubble of virus-free air for at least another six weeks.… Continue reading Concerning the Times and the Seasons: Spring 2020

What Will You Do with Yourself? (And Other Questions of the Emptying Nest)

Today, the questions from all the seasons of my mothering life meet and dance in a circle around this emptying nest.

Site plans and scholarship applications litter my dining room table these days, and the talk around dinner is all about the future. Life as I know it is about to undergo a drastic change here on this country hill. Having homeschooled a brood of four sons for the past twenty-one years, I’ve seen our story… Continue reading What Will You Do with Yourself? (And Other Questions of the Emptying Nest)

January Musings — 2017

Having never chosen a #OneWord365, I was surprised when Standing chose me!  What a delight to be reminded of God's wide open door, and of the truth that an ongoing relationship with God is more than enough reason to rejoice! By entering through faith into what God has always wanted to do for us—set us right… Continue reading January Musings — 2017

September Musings – 2016

If my sons are reading the Amazon reviews of Sugar-free Gummy Bears out loud together and laughing hysterically, should I be grateful that they are reading and laughing together -- or should I snarl and hand them each a reprimand and a text book?  Such are the dilemmas of the back-to-homeschooling experience here in the Morin compound,… Continue reading September Musings – 2016

Luci Shaw — A Poet for Life

When I first heard Luci Shaw described as "a poet sorting socks," I was just coming into my own career as a sock-sorter.  Her poetry, harvested from the everyday of enjoying nature, relating to family and friends, and living the questions about her faith was soul-food in the midst of all the sorting out that… Continue reading Luci Shaw — A Poet for Life