Carrying Death but Manifesting Life? How in the World Does this Work?

Carrying Death but Manifesting Life

Sunday Scripture One of the few relics that has survived my youth is a small golden cross, mailed to me by a dear aunt and uncle I met only once. Whenever I wear it, I think about their unlikely generosity, their completely uncalled-for interest in an awkward pre-teen. And in this Lenten season, I wonder,… Continue reading Carrying Death but Manifesting Life? How in the World Does this Work?

Inspiration from the Servant Life of Amy Carmichael

"As you give all, you find all." Amy Carmichael

One morning, three-year-old Amy eagerly pushed her chair close to a mirror and climbed up. The night before, she had prayed for her brown eyes to be changed to a beautiful blue, and because her mother had assured her that Jesus always answers prayer, she was certain that she would be gazing into beautiful blue… Continue reading Inspiration from the Servant Life of Amy Carmichael

Sunday Scripture ~ Deuteronomy 29:29

Are there chapters in your personal story that you wonder about? "Why this, Lord? What good thing could possibly come from bringing this across my path?" If so, you are in good company, for many spiritual giants have pondered the same question. Amy Carmichael, pioneer missionary to India, did her pondering in poetic form with… Continue reading Sunday Scripture ~ Deuteronomy 29:29

The Gift of God in Exchange for Ashes

Sit on a wooden bench (behind a goat) for a day long bus ride through the Andes.  When the bus stops, the only way forward in 1952 is to rent a horse for an excursion over steep mountain trails with muddy puddles up to your knees. You'll know you've reached the village of San Miguel… Continue reading The Gift of God in Exchange for Ashes

How to Be a “True Christian” Mother-in-Law

How to Be a "True Christian" Mother-in-Law

Over time, a family with four sons develops a unique tone, a guy-culture with a certain decibel level and a distinct way of doing life. As a mother of some now-married sons, it has been a joy to welcome other women into this circle, women who love my sons well and have also opened their… Continue reading How to Be a “True Christian” Mother-in-Law

December Musings — 2016

Turning the last page of 2016, I'm reminded of all its gifts, chief among them this favorite guy, and our rowdy and much-loved family. Thank you, friends, for the encouragement you have brought to this year, for your own inspiring books and blog posts, and for the hospitality of a warm welcome into your life -- and… Continue reading December Musings — 2016

September Musings – 2016

If my sons are reading the Amazon reviews of Sugar-free Gummy Bears out loud together and laughing hysterically, should I be grateful that they are reading and laughing together -- or should I snarl and hand them each a reprimand and a text book?  Such are the dilemmas of the back-to-homeschooling experience here in the Morin compound,… Continue reading September Musings – 2016

Musings — July 2016

July has been a month of gatherings, and nothing is more precious to me than the gift of my patient husband and our family.  To celebrate Independence Day we all trekked to our favorite State Park on Lake St. George for a daylong picnic and swim, and then off to the fireworks.  We've relished a… Continue reading Musings — July 2016