When You’re Sitting in the Winter Room

Better to be burned by the Word's searing statements than to dismember it in dangerous denial.

When life sends a hard turn in a direction I am not expecting, all the cracks and flaws in my theology show up.  The wheels come careening off my carefully constructed orthodoxy, leaving me in the ditch with all the prosperity gospel folks or the "Where was God?" finger pointers. When God does not “cooperate”… Continue reading When You’re Sitting in the Winter Room

A Well-Grounded Trust

The fallacy of circularity -- the accusation that all arguments for the trustworthiness of Scripture come round to the Bible's own truth claims -- has been leveled against Christians, and sometimes it's well-founded.  How, then, is a serious student of the Word to explain and validate her certainty that when she opens the pages of… Continue reading A Well-Grounded Trust