How to Keep on Persevering in the Wisdom of Kind Words

Persevere in the Wisdom of Kind Words

My family has an almost genetic predisposition toward sarcasm. We open our mouths and out it tumbles, always standing first in the verbal queue. Most of the time it's funny, ironic, and harmless, but I'm learning that kind words fill a void that even the snappiest comeback fails to satisfy. She opens her mouth with… Continue reading How to Keep on Persevering in the Wisdom of Kind Words

Blessed Are Those Who Are Nice

As our roots go deep into disciplines of worship, study, obedience, and hope, we begin to see that we are being held in relationship with Christ, and this is where true virtue lives.

When Jesus set the parameters for a blessed life, they must have landed with surprise on the ears of his hillside congregation. The Beatitudes are even more counter-cultural today, for the 21st-century church conveys blessings of a different sort: Blessed are those who keep up appearances; Blessed are you when you look good and say… Continue reading Blessed Are Those Who Are Nice