Have You Made the Decision to Love the Local Church?

The local church reminds me that we are lovely because God loves us--and not the other way around.

There's a piece of very good advice circulating these days, and I followed it several decades ago without even realizing it. Hearing it set to the music of wise words, I can see how much energy it has saved me over the years. It goes like this: Make the Decision Once. Of course there is… Continue reading Have You Made the Decision to Love the Local Church?

Just One Thing: “Awesome”

I have learned that it is curmudgeonly to quibble over words and their usage, but, having acknowledged that this is the case, I will take the risk of appearing to be a teensy bit┬ácantankerous in order to get to the point of Nehemiah's prayer in chapter one of his Old Testament memoir. Derek Kidner's commentary… Continue reading Just One Thing: “Awesome”