What is Biblical Hospitality? Rediscover the Powerful Practice of Simply Making Room

What is Biblical Hospitality?

Spring is officially here, and it's time to begin planning my annual dinner for the women of my church. Trust me, I'm no hospitality expert, but I try to make it special for them with a pretty table and a scrumptious dessert. One year I made a turkey dinner, another year it was chicken cordon… Continue reading What is Biblical Hospitality? Rediscover the Powerful Practice of Simply Making Room

Fear Bravely as You Are Strengthened with the Courage to Love

Formed by our fears

Fear is a powerful motivator.  Even the reluctant student might memorize lists of data for fear of failing a class.  Motorists maintain a more conservative driving speed in areas where police regularly patrol.  Unfortunately, there is also the fear that paralyzes, which leads to irrational decisions and self-protective behaviors.  Fear of God, however,  is the supremely rational fear,… Continue reading Fear Bravely as You Are Strengthened with the Courage to Love

Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs for Today–and Forever!

Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs

Today, I'm writing for The Joyful Life blog in my role as their Boy Mum contributor, but I want to stress that this post on developing leadership qualities in our children is relevant to ALL mums! As mothers, we sit in the seat of influence with our sons.  How we respond to their initiative, their… Continue reading Leadership Qualities Your Son Needs for Today–and Forever!

How Are You Managing the Boundaries in Your Life?

Guard your heart and live free!

Sunday Scripture "Don't go past the birch tree!" I called to my sons whenever they played in the front yard. The boundary gave them plenty of room to play, but kept them well away from the road. We settled disputes over taking turns with a timer--twenty minutes for one brother's turn and then a quick… Continue reading How Are You Managing the Boundaries in Your Life?

Gratitude: Look at the Loss and then Give Thanks

When we gather for our imperfect celebrations, our only hope for joy is to look at our loss and then to give thanks.

Thirty years ago, I married into a family that celebrated Thanksgiving Day with All-American fervor, featuring a day-long gathering and a loaded table. As the new bride, I was eager to prove that I had what it took to be the holiday hostess. Having done my research, I had planned all the best sides, multiple-choice… Continue reading Gratitude: Look at the Loss and then Give Thanks

Celebration and Lament

The walls had been rebuilt. The people living in and around the city of Jerusalem had gathered. Along with the fresh aroma of new lumber from Ezra’s wooden platform and his strong voice ringing out over the hum of the crowd, celebration was in the air! Within the barely-renovated city walls of Jerusalem, there was… Continue reading Celebration and Lament

Stone by Stone

Spare narrative and a stoic reporting of the facts -- this is the tone of the Old Testament book of Nehemiah: "So I came to Jerusalem . . ."  (Five words about a dangerous two-month, one-thousand-mile journey.) "I wept and mourned for many days."  (Three months!) Based on a careful study of Scripture, Lynn Austin puts… Continue reading Stone by Stone

Just One Thing: Reforming

In a meandering, three-way conversation with far-away friends, we began to ponder the term:  just exactly what does it mean to be "reformed"?  Without thinking, certainly with no editorial or theological censors in place, I said, "I would, actually, rather say that I'm reforming!"  After that conversation, the statement lingered in memory and wafted its way into… Continue reading Just One Thing: Reforming