How to Thrive After Your Kids Leave Home

All of life is a gift and this season is no exception.

The number of plates on my dining room table had been a constant so dependable that I could set the table on auto-pilot. Often the number would swell to account for guests or shrink when one of us was visiting elsewhere. However, the ebb and flow always had a fixed point of return--until it didn't.… Continue reading How to Thrive After Your Kids Leave Home

Parenting Past the Mid-Point: More Thoughts from the Garden

“These bean plants are a mess,” I muttered.  “But, wow . . . lots of beans.” Our eleven rows of Providers (that’s the variety of green bean we always plant) had lived up to their name, but after four pickings, the plants looked tired, ransacked, plundered. They looked like us. I smile when I say… Continue reading Parenting Past the Mid-Point: More Thoughts from the Garden

What’s Your Hurry?

From time to time, I experiment with timelessness by taking off my watch. That naked wrist feels as daring and vulnerable as a bathing suit in a January blizzard, while every glance to check the time quickens my pulse to the rhythm of the question that my heart needs to hear:  What’s your hurry? Contriving… Continue reading What’s Your Hurry?

What to Do When the Baby Turns Thirteen

A house full of "young men" doesn't happen overnight. Slippery things, boys are, one minute covered in chocolate frosting, And the next minute starting a career and a family. But there's always the baby, right? Sweet voice and smooth cheek in a baritone and bearded world. Until -- I look in the mirror and know… Continue reading What to Do When the Baby Turns Thirteen