Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses

Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses based on Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton

Encased in a body that you recognize in the mirror, your soul is the "you" that's always been there peering back from your reflection. It's the part of you that infuses all the roles you play (parent, spouse, friend, leader, employee), and it's what makes those roles uniquely yours. Your soul is the place where… Continue reading Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses

Silence and Beauty

C.S. Lewis described our world as "the Kingdom of Noise," and he composed a psalm in the praise of ¬†noise from the pen of Senior Tempter, Screwtape, in his letter to a young apprentice. By contrast, artist Makoto Fujimura praises the beauty of silence particularly in the context of Japanese culture. ¬†"Perhaps in no other… Continue reading Silence and Beauty