Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

In the month of December, the Christmas story often stands alone, lifted with huge parentheses out of the New Testament — maybe delivered in Linus’s hushed boy soprano, and then tucked away with the durable resin nativity set and the white twinkly lights until next year. It’s a great story, so it’s easy to see why authors of every creed are drawn to its rich narrative.  Left in context, of course, it holds a pivotal place in redemptive history, and since it is a Word that was given to us (John 1:14), it is natural to use words and the magic of story to give substance to our celebration.

For me, every holiday is made more festive by the inclusion of books that heighten my understanding and appreciation of the occasion and that encourage me to enter in, to be present to the beauty. That’s why I’m sharing a collection of books that will bring the sacred into your everyday celebration of Advent. Click on over to the Redbud Post to read a joyful sprinkling of content from A.W. Tozer, Madeleine L’Engle, Sarah Arthur, and Luci Shaw.

Letting our hearts rejoice in the incarnation reminds us that even within the hectic pace and hoopla of Christmas celebration, we, too, can make the Word become flesh once again, in our lives and in our deeds.

I hope you’ll join me, and may your heart be encouraged in joy!

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50 thoughts on “Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent”

  1. Thanks Michele – You have such a beautiful way with words. Appreciate the suggestions for the books. I love this time of year.


  2. I read an advent devotional novel a few years ago with my husband, I can’t remember what it was called but it was a great experience which added to our Jesus-centered joy through the season. I’ll have to check these out! Thanks for the ideas.


    1. There’s just something special about a book that comes from a Christmas mind set. I’m reading Jan Karon’s Christmas book set in Mitford out loud with my youngest son. Great fun with Christmas music playing in the background.


    1. I do, Betsy, and I’m learning so much from the other members, many of whom are experienced and accomplished writers. If you are curious, you should look into membership before the year ends, because I think there’s talk of capping the membership numbers soon.


  3. Love Tozer but I haven’t seen that title before. Earlier this year I read Sarah Arthur’s book on Lent/Easter: Between Midnight & Dawn & it was just beautiful so I’m keen to read the one you mentioned above also. Have a great Christmas!


  4. Dear Michele, I’m convinced that I must be the slowest reader ever! I thought I’d be finished with the books of Ezekiel (just 2 chapters left), before diving into the gospel accounts of our Savior’s birth. This year my heart seems to long, more than usual, to saturate myself with the words and the Word. How generous of you to share books to enrich the journey to the manger!

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  5. I am a Tozer fan. Surprised I didn’t know about this one. My all-time favorite Christmas advent devotional is written my Jennifer Kennedy Dean. Pursuing the Christ: Prayers for Christmastime. It’s no longer in print, but you can get it electronically.


    1. Hope you get some time to do some quiet reading and reflection during this season. I remember it begin such a precious thing when the kids were little and there was one nanosecond of tranquility.


  6. I love visiting your website it is always a source of discovery and peace. Thank you so much for linking up with #mg


  7. I feel like I missed so much as a child never celebrating advent in our home! We receive daily advent devotionals at the university where I work, and I totally love it! I’m always intrigued by the books you read and trust your list because of such great reviews. Hope you are rejoicing in the incarnation Michele! Happy Christmas!


    1. We didn’t celebrate Advent in my growing up home either. I feel as if it has added so much to my appreciation of the holiday. And I’ve loved sharing meaningful traditions with my kids.


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