Are You Ready to Receive the Gift of Advent?

Are You Ready to Receive the Gift of Advent?

One day, the Gift of all gifts was carried into a public space. Although the Gift could have come with a transcendence too glorious for human eyes, It came instead in the arms of a young Jewish woman. No one noticed, For the Gift was small, Unexpected. Besides-- No one was looking for a Gift… Continue reading Are You Ready to Receive the Gift of Advent?

A Day Like No Other Day

It was a day like any other day in the life-long ministry of Zacharias the priest.  With Elisabeth’s goodbye kiss still warm on his cheek, he went about his business, reporting for duty in his scheduled commitment to serve in the Temple. It was a day like no other day when the honor of entering… Continue reading A Day Like No Other Day

Loving My Mid-Life Christmas

For the past several years, change has been the only constant in our Christmas celebration. Grown up sons marry, pack up their collection of treasured ornaments, and hang them on their own trees. College guys come home when they can and join in the fun on an intermittent schedule. Teens branching into individualized creativity grab… Continue reading Loving My Mid-Life Christmas

Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Word Made Flesh

In the month of December, the Christmas story often stands alone, lifted with huge parentheses out of the New Testament — maybe delivered in Linus’s hushed boy soprano, and then tucked away with the durable resin nativity set and the white twinkly lights until next year. It’s a great story, so it’s easy to see why… Continue reading Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Weeping Woman of Ramah

(Matthew 2:16-18; Jeremiah 31:15; Isaiah 61:1-3) There was no angel appearance to my husband -- No timely warning granted for us to flee the danger and death of Herod's sword. Know that I, too, would have fled. I would have flown to the ends of the earth to dodge the flash of steel that ended my… Continue reading Weeping Woman of Ramah

The Power of a Single Word

Receive . . . Enjoy . . . Let go Freighted with meanings and memories, associations and reflections far beyond their official definitions, words can be an invitation to pay attention. Watch . . . Accept . . . Resist Marilyn McEntyre has chosen fifteen words as the basis for fifteen weeks of daily meditations,… Continue reading The Power of a Single Word

A Very Tozer Christmas

My growing-up Christmases were heavy on Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.  Linus's hushed tones filled me in on the true meaning of Christmas via our first colored t.v., but I wanted that story to take center stage for my own children.  The celebration of Advent has been key for our family in spreading out… Continue reading A Very Tozer Christmas

November Musings — 2016

4988 -- Warm zucchini bread smelling like a cinnamon candle 4989 -- Church supper to celebrate our new pastor and our family connection 4990 -- Clanging of wind chime in the chill autumn breeze On the Monday before Thanksgiving Day, I recorded gift number 5,000 in my gratitude journal -- confirmed evidence of God's goodness… Continue reading November Musings — 2016

An Eternity of Days

With a sigh of relief, I glued the last tiny piece of the decoration into place:  a scattering of yellow felt hay secured to the silhouette of a brown felt manger.  I'm craft-challenged, no doubt, but the adorable grandboy is two, and he's quite ready to start making memories of an Advent tree banner with… Continue reading An Eternity of Days

It’s Time!

Sure, the angels told the shepherds that Jesus had been born, but when John said, "We beheld His glory," it would seem that there's an implicit invitation to use our imaginations a bit, and Sally Lloyd-Jones has accepted that invitation!  Song of the Stars pictures the occasion of Jesus' birth as an evening of breathless anticipation and enthusiastic sharing of… Continue reading It’s Time!