Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

“Wait,” He said, and locked His gaze with eleven pairs of eyes brimming with question marks. “Wait. I have been your constant companion for three years, walking long deserted roads, sharing our meager meals, sleeping under the stars. I have answered your questions and rebuked your faithlessness, and now it is time for me to… Continue reading Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Word Made Flesh

In the month of December, the Christmas story often stands alone, lifted with huge parentheses out of the New Testament — maybe delivered in Linus’s hushed boy soprano, and then tucked away with the durable resin nativity set and the white twinkly lights until next year. It’s a great story, so it’s easy to see why… Continue reading Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Musings – May 2017

There are 48 tomato seedlings on my deck, waiting to be transplanted into the garden.  Warm soil and optimism dictate the parameters of spring gardening here in Maine; therefore, even in the presence of the first, absence of the second may keep me from putting anything tender out into the elements until after Memorial Day.… Continue reading Musings – May 2017

December Musings — 2016

Turning the last page of 2016, I'm reminded of all its gifts, chief among them this favorite guy, and our rowdy and much-loved family. Thank you, friends, for the encouragement you have brought to this year, for your own inspiring books and blog posts, and for the hospitality of a warm welcome into your life -- and… Continue reading December Musings — 2016

A Very Tozer Christmas

My growing-up Christmases were heavy on Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.  Linus's hushed tones filled me in on the true meaning of Christmas via our first colored t.v., but I wanted that story to take center stage for my own children.  The celebration of Advent has been key for our family in spreading out… Continue reading A Very Tozer Christmas

A.W. Tozer: Thoughts on Prayer

So many books.  So little time.  Tozer is my "undiscovered author," and it's not as if I haven't delighted in brief quotations of his words -- a mix of the understated and the profound.  It is even true that portions of his sermons read online have jolted me awake to God's holiness and drawn me closer to the… Continue reading A.W. Tozer: Thoughts on Prayer