Review of Bring Me a Vision: A Story of Redeeming Hope

God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You

The knock at the door came as no surprise. Rahab was used to furtive visitors at all hours as male customers came to her door, and yet this pair was different, for they were part of Israel’s advance surveillance strategy, the first wave in their mission to conquer Jericho for the glory of God. It was Rahab’s quick thinking that saved the spies, rescued her own family, and earned her a paragraph in the Hebrews 11 honor roll of faith.

God’s vision for Rahab was larger than anything she had ever dreamed, and it was this dramatic turn-around that inspired Becky Moreland to name RAHAB ministries in 2002, when her vision for impacting lives on the streets of Akron, Ohio was just getting off the ground. Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness, RAHAB’s outreach ministries serve women and children who are trapped in lives of addiction, prostitution, abuse, and fear. Team members do their work directly on the the streets of Akron, exposing the darkness of the sex trafficking industry, praying on the spot with the needy, and cooperating with law enforcement officials to protect women who live in continual danger. Their safe house provides a refuge to women with nowhere else to go, and their plans for a juvenile safe house will be an invitation to home for girls ages 11 to 17.

Bring Me A Visionis the true unfolding of Becky Moreland’s story. Founder of RAHAB, she lived her own miracle of turn-around and her co-author Pam Ecrement bore witness to it, first as her counselor and then, later, as her friend and colleague in ministry. When Becky first approached Pam for counseling, she was seeking help for her children, but Pam soon learned that Becky’s own traumatic childhood was impacting her mothering in ways that were detrimental, in spite of her best intentions.

Becky learned early on that the world was a dangerous place, and it was risky to trust even the adults who were supposedly in her life to protect and care for her. A victim of serial abuse, Becky learned to close off her early memories, setting the stage for poor relational choices and a downward spiral into alcoholism and immorality.  Pam Ecrement brings a counselor’s voice to her description of Becky’s life, lending a helpful sub-narrative that spills over to educate the reader on the complexities of tangled generational webs of sin and sadness. The glory of God is put on display as His story runs its course in the life of an ordinary woman who has been impacted by the love of an extraordinary God.

RAHAB continues to provide rescue and resources for victims of trafficking, and you can learn more at their website. Furthermore, all proceeds from the sale of Bring Me A Vision will go directly to fund RAHAB’s continued outreach.

Let the unfolding of Becky’s story encourage you that God has a vision for you as well, for these are His Words to His beloved:

Thus says the Lord,
    who makes a way in the sea,
    a path in the mighty waters. . . 

 “Remember not the former things,
    nor consider the things of old.
 Behold, I am doing a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert.”  (Isaiah 43:16, 18-19)

Because God’s Vision for You Is Also Amazing,

Many thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book to facilitate my review, which, of course, is offered freely and with honesty.

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40 thoughts on “God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord brought these two women together to do this incredible ministry and share this powerful and uplifting story, Michele?! I love it and will be pinning before I go!


  2. It was interesting hearing about this story. My family was just discussing Rahab in our time of family worship the other night and how God allowed her to be a part of the lineage of our dear Lord. I am SO thankful God uses those who others consider being unlikely candidates for His service. It speaks volumes that Jesus didn’t go to the temple to choose his 12 disciples but He chose “ignorant and unlearned” men who were every bit as “every day” as any of us, each with his own past, issues, and human discrepancies. So thankful to hear of this amazing ministry ~ thank you for sharing, Michele!


  3. I’ve seen this book and story mentioned in various places online. It’s wonderful that Becky didn’t stop with finding the help that she needed, but that she also extended it in such a tangible way to others.


  4. Pam’s book, Becky’s story, their relationship, RAHAB ministries … all so incredibly moving. As ever, you’ve given us an A+ overview, Michele.

    Bring Me a Vision. What a challenging yet uplifting read, indeed …


  5. What a beautiful story and how fitting that the name of the ministry is Rahab. You provided such a detailed review of Pam’s book. This is one I need to add to my to read list and my bookshelf.


    1. I was so thankful for Becky’s story, and loved the way her friendship with Pam wove through the narrative. The Rahab story was bonus material, because the book sent me poking around that old story in a new way!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Michele,
    Women who have been in abusive families or relationships need a new hope and vision for their future. Love how these ladies tie Rahab into God’s redemption story. What a wonderful ministry….thanks for sharing!
    Bev xx


  7. The hands and feet of Jesus for sure! Thanks for sharing a part of these women’s stories. We have a woman in our church who has been radically saved, and the brave way she fights against the darkness is a truly beautiful thing. I love watching her serve Jesus with abandon. God must smile down on these warriors!


  8. RAHAB sounds like a wonderful ministry. My son worked for an NGO with a similar goal in Zambia. Isn’t it heartbreaking that a home for girls 11 – 17 is needed?


  9. Awesome! This is the way it is supposed to work: We get rescued and then we introduce the Rescuer to others!

    Great review as always, Michele!


  10. Michele, thanks for sharing this inspiring story with us. We would like to feature it on the
    next Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    Blogger’s Pit Stop


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