Musings: October 2018

"Biblical religion is aggressively internationalist." Eugene Peterson

When jets fly overhead, stitching up the airspace between Boston's Logan and somewhere-in-Europe, by the time they reach the sky over Mid-coast Maine they are barely visible, nothing but contrails. My roots are deep here on this country hill, thirty thousand feet below, so I'm no globetrotter, but over the years, visitors from around the… Continue reading Musings: October 2018

God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You

Review of Bring Me a Vision: A Story of Redeeming Hope

The knock at the door came as no surprise. Rahab was used to furtive visitors at all hours as male customers came to her door, and yet this pair was different, for they were part of Israel's advance surveillance strategy, the first wave in their mission to conquer Jericho for the glory of God. It… Continue reading God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You