God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You

Review of Bring Me a Vision: A Story of Redeeming Hope

The knock at the door came as no surprise. Rahab was used to furtive visitors at all hours as male customers came to her door, and yet this pair was different, for they were part of Israel's advance surveillance strategy, the first wave in their mission to conquer Jericho for the glory of God. It… Continue reading God Has an Ever-Unfolding Vision for You

Shame-filled to Shame-free

Christine unwrapped her sandwich, completely unaware of the scornful expressions on the faces of her Kindergarten classmates.  "Mmmmm . . . feta cheese and olive," she thought, taking that first delectable bite. "What's that stinky stuff you're eating," wailed one boy, wrinkling his nose in disgust. "She's eating Greek cheese!" someone announced.  "No wonder Greeks… Continue reading Shame-filled to Shame-free

Traffic-Proof Your Children

Stolen by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD and Cecil Murphey:  A Book Review When my children were small, the traffic I worried about had four wheels and was engine-powered.  We could avoid the danger by staying away from the road.  Stolen will open the reader's eyes to another danger which shares the same name, but with grave differences:   it comes looking for… Continue reading Traffic-Proof Your Children