What Do You Know for Sure About God?

Sunday Scripture

I’m fascinated by the spiritual growth of my grandchildren. At 5 and 2, they know for sure that God made them. They know he loves them, and whenever we have “theological discussions,” I am usually the one who walks away enlightened, because their thoughts about God come through uncluttered and full of joy.

On the other end of life, author and theologian J.I. Packer recently passed away at the age of 93, having spent his life expressing truth about God in words both clear and profound. He saw two straightforward facts about God in every single biblical passage:

  1. God is king.
  2. God speaks.

Best of all, he ties these two great truths together at the level of relationship for “though God is a great king, it is not his wish to live at a distance from his subjects. Rather the reverse: he made us with the intention that he and we might walk together forever in a love-relationship.” (Knowing God, page 99)

The writer of Psalm 139 put it this way:

O Lord, you have searched me and known me!”

Psalm 139:1

Because he made us, he knows us: “Even before a word is on my tongue,
behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.”

However, we can only know about him if he chooses to self disclose. This he has done! The King’s good words to us are not merely directives, lists of dos and don’ts to keep us in line. God’s words are his way of letting us know him, what he has done, what he holds dear, what he abhors. Packer goes on to say God speaks to us “to enable us to know him so that we may love him.”

When you come to the Word of God this morning, are you approaching it as a treasure hunt for the nature of God–as a letter from a wise and cherished friend? It’s far too easy to fall into routine with the words of God, to read carelessly, or to pick up on all the instructions and warnings and to miss God’s heart entirely.

Every word is an invitation to know him and to love him more.

Grateful for the love of a God who speaks,

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36 thoughts on “What Do You Know for Sure About God?”

  1. That scripture reminds me of a comfort blanket with wonderful hugs attached. True, I like you say it is for us to get to know him also, as with all in life it should be a two way street. Needed the uplifting words today. Thank you.


  2. I am SO grateful for my parents and grandparents who modeled deep love and respect for God’s Word, Sunday School teachers and youth group leaders who contributed to my early training in the scriptures, and Bible study leaders who mentored me in early adulthood. All those experiences brought me to appreciate God’s Word for just the reasons you cite, Michele. The more we expose ourselves to His wisdom, instruction and encouragement, the more we crave it!

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  3. When I read words from my Father this morning, he convincted me that I need to be more patient with people who aren’t just like me. And of course, he immediately gave me practice ;).


  4. Relationship – I am so very glad that’s what He wants from us – relationship and love! When I learned I only need to ask once – and than ask Him to be with me in the wait – we started talking, having conversations that weren’t so my-sided. I love how your message encourages that relationship!


  5. I saw your link on the Tuesdays with a Twist link up. I love that you point out that God WANTS to be with us and wants us to know him. He wants relationship with us.


  6. Michele, I love those things J. I. Packer saw in every passage! As I was reading in Matthew 6 this morning, I came to the realization that our motivations are inspired by where our hearts are. If we’re craving the accolades of man and we do things to gain those, that’s our reward. But, when our hearts desire to please God, He sees and honors that. He is all about the heart. And He wants us to know His heart.

    Great words here!


  7. My Daily Light reading this morning dealt with verses about God loving us while we were still His enemies, still lost and in sin. What great mercy, to love us like that and draw us to Himself and share His precious, innumerable thoughts with us.


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  9. I like these words especially, “The King’s good words to us are not merely directives, lists of dos and don’ts to keep us in line. God’s words are his way of letting us know him, what he has done, what he holds dear, what he abhors.” Because I suspect that nonbelievers or disaffected ones view scripture just as that list of dos and don’ts, and not a love letter to the beloved. Thanks for sharing this post, Michele Somerville, The Beach Girl Chronicles


  10. Thanks for the ideas on reading the Scriptures and looking for the heart of God as we read. Not just as a book of instructions. We will feature your post on the next Blogger’s Pit Stop.
    By the way, I was interested in your article on Book reviewing, I signed up on your FB link but did not receive the article.
    Thanks, Kathleen


    1. Hi, Kathleen,
      I received your comment about the PDF on Writing Book Reviews, and I’d be happy to send it to you manually, but I need an email address.
      Hope you are having a great week!


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