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4 Strategies to Help You Develop an Appetite for Reading the Bible

Sunday Scripture

My three married sons have chosen wisely, smart women who love God and love their husbands well. Therefore, my grandchildren have wise mothers who limit screen time and access to junk food. Humans, both big and small, develop an appetite, an acquired taste, for what’s-good-for-them when what’s-good-for-them is what they are given.

As readers, we can expect that a steady diet of nothing but Instagram posts, Twitter hot takes, and Netflix fluff will leave us poorly prepared to enjoy more demanding offerings. By contrast, the writer of Psalm 119 just can’t say a word without recommending the sacred text to anyone within earshot because he has found it to be sweetly satisfying:

How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Psalm 119:103

We discover the sweetness of revealed truth by immersing ourselves in its words, and four strategies have helped me develop an appetite for God’s inspired book:

  1. Do the work.
    One of the great fallacies of the Christian life is that reading and studying scripture should be easy. While it’s true that a plain reading of most passages will give the reader all she needs to chew on, it is also true that a regular, daily appointment with the text and deep, repetitive reading with an eye for literary context and the perspective of the original audience helps tremendously–and it can be a lot of work.
  2. Make time for it.
    Elisabeth Elliot famously said, “There is always time to do the will of God.” Obviously, there will be seasons of life that are more challenging, but if the pattern of your life does not allow for time to savor the sweetness of God’s Word, begin asking him for wisdom to make gradual changes.
  3. Read expectantly.
    When my grandchildren are offered a cookie, they savor every bite! When you crack open the pages of Scripture, you are hearing from the God of the universe. Come expecting sweetness and light!
  4. Find a dependable guide.
    Once you’ve done the work yourself, it’s reassuring to check your perceptions with a seasoned reader, and Patsy Burnette has created a hopeful and helpful resource that will take you through the entire Bible as you dig into the sweetness of its truth. Patterned after a chronological reading plan, Sweeter Than Honey offers a few surprises:

For instance, did you know that the book of Job predates Genesis?
Have you ever read the prophetic record in the context of Old Testament historical books?

Patsy’s commentary invites readers into a robust reading of God’s Word with the expectation that they will continue in the spiritual practice for a lifetime. With space to record prayer and reflection along the way, the book becomes a keepsake as well as a resource. Best of all, following the narrative arc of scripture from Genesis to Revelation reveals the beauty of God’s great rescue plan from start to finish.

You’ll develop a taste for what’s good for you as you do the work, make time for spiritual reading, come to the text with expectation, and take advantage of excellent resources that are available.

What’s your next right thing in developing an appetite for reading the Bible?

Holding you in the light,

Michele Morin

We discover the sweetness of revealed truth by immersing ourselves in its words. Sweeter than Honey by Patsy Burnette ( @InstaEncourage ) will enhance your appetite for scripture.

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27 thoughts on “4 Strategies to Help You Develop an Appetite for Reading the Bible”

  1. After decades of Bible study I’d say God’s Word grows sweeter to my soul with each passing year. I still look forward to my quiet time each morning when God teaches, challenges, encourages, and inspires me through His scripture. Yes, during my years as a stay-at-home mom and teacher it meant getting up early–4:30 a.m. for ten years, because of my schedule (though by then we were empty-nesters). But it was no hardship; I just went to bed earlier. Patsy Burnette’s book sounds like a wonderful resource, especially for someone just starting the habit.


    1. Yes, I think Patsy’s voice is perfect for someone who is tentative about beginning. She’s a real cheerleader. And I know how you feel about that daily routine. I sit down and feel as if muscle memory will carry me for a few minutes and that’s a comfort.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to admit, I have gotten lazy with all happenings. It was always my routine, and now I’ve swayed. Appreciate the strategies. Love that scripture. Happy week.


  3. Amen! I love the Bible more now than I did when I started reading it as a teenager. So many times, it has exactly what I need for the moment–even if I didn’t know I needed it when I started reading that morning. And if I don’t need it in that moment, I will eventually.


  4. I loved reading the Chronological Bible in a year – it tasted like honey to my soul! I fell in love with the Old Testament that year!


  5. Michele, while it does take work to get started, once you do, it becomes such a delight. My early mornings are truly my favorite part of my day!


  6. I call myself a bible enthusiast because I get more and more excited what I find as I read. Yet it takes discipline to keep cracking open the spine of my bible and start digging it. So tempting to shift it down the page of my to-do list, but it’s always a mistake when that happens! We all need to be encouraged to get back in; thanks, Michele, and Patsy!, for doing your part!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have Help, I’m Drowning on my TBR list as well. I am amazed at how much Nonfiction you read. I read more of it now than I ever have before, but still, not near what you do! (I know it’s not a contest, but seriously amazed!)


  8. Michelle, I appreciate these thoughts on the importance of faithfully reading God’s Word and really doing the work to understand it. I especially needed the reminder to come to His word with expectation. There’s always so much to learn and ponder! I have always learned lots from reading the Bible chronologically and Patsy Burnette’s book sounds like an interesting resource for that.


  9. I think that understanding the relevance of the Bible to today’s world and our own lives is crucial . Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories (we are taking a break this week but hope to see you next Sunday)


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