Inspiration from the Servant Life of Amy Carmichael

"As you give all, you find all." Amy Carmichael

One morning, three-year-old Amy eagerly pushed her chair close to a mirror and climbed up. The night before, she had prayed for her brown eyes to be changed to a beautiful blue, and because her mother had assured her that Jesus always answers prayer, she was certain that she would be gazing into beautiful blue… Continue reading Inspiration from the Servant Life of Amy Carmichael

Is it Time for You to Take a Dependency Inventory?

Beware of allowing God's provision to take God's place!

Sunday Scripture The ticking of our truck's hazard lights beat a cadence only a little faster than my pulse as we waited for roadside assistance. A blown tire on the mowing trailer (and a useless jack in the truck) had sidelined our plans for a productive Friday afternoon on the mowers, and I could see… Continue reading Is it Time for You to Take a Dependency Inventory?

Standing Beside You, Teaching What Is Good

"Mentoring is a discipleship relationship that focuses on equipping younger believers for the work of ministry so that they grow in maturity and unity in the faith with the ultmate goal of glorifying God."

My granddaughter's ponytail falls in blonde ringlets, and her wardrobe manifests all the many moods of pink and frilly. Having been a girl of a very different stripe, and then having raised four rowdy sons, I am in quiet awe of her unmitigated girliness. Together, we have made jam, blown bubbles, and painted messy pictures.… Continue reading Standing Beside You, Teaching What Is Good

Jesus Always Has Something to Say to You About Your Life

Jesus always has something to say to you about your life.

Sunday Scripture Criticism is hard to hear. Even if it is well-intentioned and comes from someone who is qualified to critique my work, it has taken a long time for me to learn that criticism is more helpful to me than praise, because it will, ultimately, result in improvement and growth--if I receive the criticism… Continue reading Jesus Always Has Something to Say to You About Your Life

Uncomfortable Reading to Explore Your Own Heart of Darkness

"Like a running blaze in the plain, like a flash of lightening in the clouds. We live in the flicker.” Joseph Conrad

This summer, two of my sons spent the better part of a long weekend at my house working on their trucks. One came equipped with tools, the other with his wife and two delightful children. In telling the story of those three days, my grandchildren would report on story time, art projects, and the mingling… Continue reading Uncomfortable Reading to Explore Your Own Heart of Darkness

A Time to Preach, a Time to Teach, and a Time to Beseech

Paul recongnized that there's a time to preach, a time to teach, and a time to beseech.

Sunday Scripture One of the greatest gifts of my life is my grown up kids. We have fun together, and we also engage in conversations about important topics. I can feel my role in the family changing as our youngest moves toward independence and our three older sons take on increasingly responsible positions in their… Continue reading A Time to Preach, a Time to Teach, and a Time to Beseech

What if Your Loneliness is an Invitation from God?

"The answer to our loneliness is love--not our finding someone to love us, but our surrendering to the God who has always loved us with an everlasting love." Elisabeth Elliot

Soon I will discover what it is like to be alone in the house after my husband leaves for work. There will be no sleepy teenager glued to his bed and in need of resurrection. For the first time in twenty-one years, there will be no homeschooling routine to wrestle with--a change I welcome, but… Continue reading What if Your Loneliness is an Invitation from God?

What You Leave Out Is Just As Important As What You Put In

"But that is not the way you learned Christ!" Ephesians 4:20

Sunday Scripture Captain Zsakhiem James has served on the police department in Camden, New Jersey for twenty-eight years. He laments the poor judgment and use of force that resulted in the death of George Floyd, and in an interview with World Magazine, he shared that "Camden's use of force policy has as its foundation 'sanctity… Continue reading What You Leave Out Is Just As Important As What You Put In

Finding the Way to Forgiveness and Hope

Fiction with a redemptive story line shouts, "Even here. Something is happening."

The summer of 2020 will go down in history marked by disappointing vacation adjustments, angst over schooling arrangements in the fall, and violence and unrest on so many fronts we're beginning to lose track. I wonder what story you are living, what uncelebrated milestones you have passed, or what ungathered grieving you have walked alone.… Continue reading Finding the Way to Forgiveness and Hope

You Are NOT What You Are Not

"You who once were far off have been brought near..." (Ephesians 2:13)

Sunday Scripture I can't think of a thing more discouraging than being defined by what I am NOT. Of course, the list is long, and for most of us, that list is freighted with a fair amount of disappointment, squandered opportunity, or even just plain failure. In his letter to the church he planted in… Continue reading You Are NOT What You Are Not