No Longer a Divided Space, Now It’s a Celebration Place!

The Celebration Place

Sunday Scripture Sunday morning at Spruce Head Community is a sociological patchwork. Members with advanced degrees worship cheek-by-jowl with high school dropouts. Successful businessmen toss their offering into the same receptacle as welfare recipients, and the octogenarian great-grandmother grins at the antics of tiny, scampering escapees from the nursery. I can't help but picture our… Continue reading No Longer a Divided Space, Now It’s a Celebration Place!

Sunday Scripture ~ Psalm 24:1

The last rays of sunshine slant their filtered light through the trees, while dragonflies and toddlers chase each other on a summer evening.  A backyard circle of lawn chairs holds the body of Christ, gathered around Truth that transcends seasons.  Before we break out the watermelon and set the fire pit ablaze, our pastor rises… Continue reading Sunday Scripture ~ Psalm 24:1

Easter Anthology

Run! Let's live in power going forward in that sacred knowing.

Pilate and Peter (and me) "What shall I do with Him called Christ?" The truth:  clean hands will not suffice. Your acts of treachery which rise From disillusionment; your cries Of protest which reveal your fear Add to your guilt. Easter draws near. Be still and let the rain of pure Truth fall on you… Continue reading Easter Anthology

Sometimes, Instead of Bread, I Ask God for Stones

I have a battered notebook that has been with me for so long that four of its pages date back to the birth of each of my sons.  It is in this notebook that I write down the requests – big and small -- that I bring to God. Should our family take the adventure… Continue reading Sometimes, Instead of Bread, I Ask God for Stones