The Whispered Hope of Easter: A Promise of Eternal Spring

Whispered Hope of Easter

Hanging off the northeast end of the U.S. mainland, waiting for evidence that spring has, indeed, arrived, it’s a challenge to get into an Easter frame of mind. The dark is still holding sway over the light, and resurrection-thinking requires a muscular faith.     Pressing into a Truth that challenges me to fathom the unfathomable, I… Continue reading The Whispered Hope of Easter: A Promise of Eternal Spring

A Fond Father’s Day Farewell to a Family Patriarch

A Fond Father's Day Farewell to a Family Patriarch

Sunday Scripture Yesterday, the earthly remains of my Uncle Paul were committed to the earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The Canadian border is still closed, so I was unable to be there, but my dear Auntie Dawn attended to that by including one of my poems in the program, and it will be… Continue reading A Fond Father’s Day Farewell to a Family Patriarch

The Startling Difference the Resurrection Makes in Your Following Life

The Startling Difference the Resurrection Makes in Your Following Life

Sunday Scripture On the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of spring, it's a pretty sure thing that we'll be having ham for dinner. When it comes to Easter, don't confuse the arbitrariness of the celebration's timing with the laser focus of its purpose. Easter is a celebration of resurrection.… Continue reading The Startling Difference the Resurrection Makes in Your Following Life

A Reasonable Response to the Miracle of Resurrection

Even with a ham in the oven and the house mostly presentable, my Easter bonnet is all askew this year. Is it possible to celebrate Easter in isolation? Can we really observe the highest holy day of our church calendar without rousing hymns and communal breakfasts and the perfume of Easter lilies in the sanctuary?… Continue reading A Reasonable Response to the Miracle of Resurrection

Saturday Faith for the In Between

Saturday faith perseveres when our theology cannot account for the chaos we see around us.

The bleak-hearted sun rose on post-crucifixion Saturday, just as it had every other day in Peter's life, but no warmth from 93 million-miles-distant could reach his frozen heart. We are not given access to his actions or his thoughts on the day following his denial of Christ and the death of his dreams, but one… Continue reading Saturday Faith for the In Between

What You Believe About One Weekend in History

For years I celebrated Easter as if it were a stand-alone holiday, singing “Up from the Grave He Arose” without giving much thought to the horror of the Dying or the silence of the Dead. Providentially, my early efforts to incarnate and to enliven an invisible God in the hearts and minds of four sweet… Continue reading What You Believe About One Weekend in History

Easter Anthology

Run! Let's live in power going forward in that sacred knowing.

Pilate and Peter (and me) "What shall I do with Him called Christ?" The truth:  clean hands will not suffice. Your acts of treachery which rise From disillusionment; your cries Of protest which reveal your fear Add to your guilt. Easter draws near. Be still and let the rain of pure Truth fall on you… Continue reading Easter Anthology

Fill Your Easter Basket with Books

Holidays and reading go hand in hand, not only because books heighten our enjoyment of the celebration, but also because, through stories, we pass along the Truth and the significance of the holiday. This Easter, I hope you'll take some time to read the account of resurrection found in Scripture first of all. Then, if… Continue reading Fill Your Easter Basket with Books

Life, Life, and More Life

We picked raspberries a couple of weeks ago -- the free kind that grow along the edges of fields and in the company of thistles.  They were succulent.  I could wrap words around a description of raspberry picking:  the gentle encompassing pressure that releases a perfectly ripe berry from its stem; the empty white cone… Continue reading Life, Life, and More Life

Grow Up! (The Practice of Resurrection)

One of my favorite fringe benefits in this mothering life is the broadening of my world.  I routinely listen to conversations about welding and truck repair, have sat through hours and hours of livestock shows, and a few weekends ago, I witnessed my first triathlon.  I watched in awe as, one by one, the participants… Continue reading Grow Up! (The Practice of Resurrection)