You Can Cultivate Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World

In a lonely world where isolation is the norm and competition is the default, the deep connection of friendship is a rare gift.

There's Abby, my resource, the friend I call on when I need advice--or a place to vent; There's Sandi, my ministry colleague and voice of reason; the friend I laugh with and work alongside; There's Lori who sets the example for me:  hard-working, huge-hearted, and the friend with whom I have grown into mothering. There… Continue reading You Can Cultivate Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World

How to Do the Hard and Holy Work of Faithful Friendship

Spiritual friendship involves caring, accepting, serving, encouraging, and practicing hospitality.

"So who's mentoring whom here?" my friend asked with a mischievous grin. Good question! When friends challenge one another with shared books, Scripture reading, and transparent prayer, everyone is sharpened and restored in a way that uniquely shows the love of God. Janice Peterson calls this "spiritual friendship," and has reached back into her long… Continue reading How to Do the Hard and Holy Work of Faithful Friendship

Invited into the Deep Welcome of Friendship

Hospitality requires me to boldly welcome others into the mess that is me.

Across the miles they drove, journeying four hours north on washboard roads until they reached this country hill. “We want to talk about the conference,” they had said on the phone.  “We can fill you in on the details in person.  The more you know about us, the easier it will be for you to… Continue reading Invited into the Deep Welcome of Friendship

10 Questions that Foster Thriving Friendships

In our virtual world, we can swipe away friends as easily as we send leftover mashed potatoes into the kitchen trash.  We can polish our words and present ourselves as successful and popular, and even produce photos to back up our claim, but the longing of our hearts for true friendship -- for genuine connection… Continue reading 10 Questions that Foster Thriving Friendships