Practical Steps for Nurturing a Vibrant Household of Faith

Parenting is a risky business. Like a high wire act without a net, we hang on to Truth, keep our balance, and trust for equilibrium, but, ultimately, our children are free to choose their own paths. We do not determine their spiritual direction or their response to God's claim on their lives. Nevertheless, wise parents… Continue reading Practical Steps for Nurturing a Vibrant Household of Faith

Mothers and Daughters Finding Their Way to Common Ground

No matter where your mother/daughter relationship has been, the path leading forward can encompass rebuilding, restoration, and repair.

We painted the room pale purple, her favorite color. A white lace curtain framed the window overlooking our busy backyard, and our wide-open door of welcome signaled a new beginning for my mum. She would be safe. We would know that she was eating three times a day. And maybe this would be the setting… Continue reading Mothers and Daughters Finding Their Way to Common Ground

You Can Cultivate Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World

In a lonely world where isolation is the norm and competition is the default, the deep connection of friendship is a rare gift.

There's Abby, my resource, the friend I call on when I need advice--or a place to vent; There's Sandi, my ministry colleague and voice of reason; the friend I laugh with and work alongside; There's Lori who sets the example for me:  hard-working, huge-hearted, and the friend with whom I have grown into mothering. There… Continue reading You Can Cultivate Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World

Together through the Doorway of Marriage

For Martin Luther's fifty-seventh birthday, his wife designed, commissioned, and then presented to him a carved doorway for their home.  It's elegance incorporated numerous features that demonstrated Katharina's knowledge of and devotion to her husband; however, there is no way that she could have realized how completely appropriate her gift would be.  Michelle DeRusha's biography… Continue reading Together through the Doorway of Marriage

The Radical Simplicity of Looking Up

What Falls from the Sky

It's nearly time. Even two weeks ago, standing thigh-deep in snow beside the bush, I could see that the buds had begun to swell large, and so it won't be long until I lop off some of the bush's waywardness and then arrange the bare branches in a vase of water.  I will begin watching… Continue reading The Radical Simplicity of Looking Up

Love Hides Close By

Until I put it on display, love is sometimes hard to see. Dr. Mary Manz Simon invites pint-sized theologians to embark upon a delightful scavenger hunt, looking for all the places love hides in the daily life of a preschooler.  She does this with precision, because when we demonstrate the love of God to others,… Continue reading Love Hides Close By

Filling the Love Tank

For Mother's Day 2015, my boys collaborated on a load of bark mulch for my flower gardens -- and then faithfully spread every last particle.  What a gift!  They were certainly speaking my love language! Gary Chapman's five love languages have become woven into the fabric of our culture.  Any conversation centered around interpersonal dynamics… Continue reading Filling the Love Tank

In the Midst of Your Mess

Teaching or leading in a Christian context is always a bit of a risk. There's the perception that you just might have all the answers; that your life is all nice and pulled together; that you and God have some kind of agreement about how life is going to unfold -- when the truth is that… Continue reading In the Midst of Your Mess