Prayer for a New Year

It's tempting, Lord, to put my faith in your gifts, rather than in you alone...

It's tempting, LORD, to put my faith in your gifts Rather than in you alone. Good health enables early rising, satisfying productivity; Strong legs:  a swift gait; Clarity of thought:  a coherent paragraph; An understanding friend:  the comfort of being known. I wonder though, Could I share the Story? Advance the Kingdom? Or even get… Continue reading Prayer for a New Year

Fabulous and Full of Life!

Everyday, the townspeople of Thrim would ask, "Hey, Yoj, how are you today?" And everyday, Yoj would answer, "I am fabulous and full of life!" And why shouldn't he be?  Yoj was the happy doll maker who awoke each day with a song on his lips and dinner invitations almost every night -- until one day a mysterious stranger… Continue reading Fabulous and Full of Life!