A Powerful Love Story Based on Strong Promises

A powerful love story based on strong promises

Sunday Scripture About thirty years ago, a handsome young man in a tux stood before me and recited loving words of commitment that began like this: “Michele, joining my life with yours in the covenant of marriage . . .” And so our love story began with strong promises about loving and listening, faithfulness and… Continue reading A Powerful Love Story Based on Strong Promises

What Does Love Look Like?

The holy mandate--handed down to the disciples in word and in deed--was to follow their Leader into a life of love.

This week at my house, love looked like a plate piled high with cheeseburgers. Love resulted in a wheelbarrow loaded down with winter-broken limbs from our back yard. It showed up in new rocker panels for the truck we use in our mowing business--installed by a handy son. Love reached from screen to screen when… Continue reading What Does Love Look Like?

Let It Trouble Your Heart: Jayber Crow Discussion Group (8)

The most recent natural disaster spreads itself across your news feed while coverage has preempted the day's programming on NPR. A grizzled, rheumy-eyed man reeking of alcohol sticks out his hand and cobbles together a story of need. A blog post about the refugee crisis sets you to wondering if there's anything practical your family,… Continue reading Let It Trouble Your Heart: Jayber Crow Discussion Group (8)

Why Read the Lists?

"I'm glad you're the one reading this," said the patient husband. He was referring to the tongue-twisting list of names in I Chronicles 5 with all their adjacent vowels and unexpected consonant blends. I could see his point, but, to be honest, I was enjoying the effort of decoding the names and then saying them,… Continue reading Why Read the Lists?