Is it Time for You to Take a Dependency Inventory?

Beware of allowing God's provision to take God's place!

Sunday Scripture The ticking of our truck's hazard lights beat a cadence only a little faster than my pulse as we waited for roadside assistance. A blown tire on the mowing trailer (and a useless jack in the truck) had sidelined our plans for a productive Friday afternoon on the mowers, and I could see… Continue reading Is it Time for You to Take a Dependency Inventory?

The Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Four young men have grown up around our dining room table, and the book of Proverbs has shown up as a regular on the breakfast menu, along with the oatmeal and the eggs. Liz Curtis Higgs asked hundreds of her readers to choose their favorite verses from the Proverbs and then narrowed the list down… Continue reading The Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Hearing the Stories Anew

It is a trick of human nature that if we walk by the sock under the coffee table enough times, it will eventually disappear.  We will have stopped seeing it.  This is unfortunate for pristine housekeeping practices, and even more so when we're reading the Bible. It's tragic when we've heard the stories so many… Continue reading Hearing the Stories Anew

Old and New Testaments: One Great Story

Shrouded in mystery, the ways of God are stitched into stories, carried on the smoke of a burning sacrifice, and sung from the heart with both joy and tears. Through promises and prophecies, God hints at a plan that will reel in rebellion and undo death and loss -- until the silence of four hundred… Continue reading Old and New Testaments: One Great Story

Why Read the Lists?

"I'm glad you're the one reading this," said the patient husband. He was referring to the tongue-twisting list of names in I Chronicles 5 with all their adjacent vowels and unexpected consonant blends. I could see his point, but, to be honest, I was enjoying the effort of decoding the names and then saying them,… Continue reading Why Read the Lists?