A Love Like No Other

About twenty-six years ago, a handsome young man in a tux stood before me and recited loving words of commitment that began like this: “Michele, joining my life with yours in the covenant of marriage . . .” And so our love story began with strong promises about loving and listening, respecting and revering.  By… Continue reading A Love Like No Other

Encourage One Another

The new year is off to a great start! The boys are applying themselves to their school work (most of the time), we've followed through on our goal to be more hospitable (and it's been great fun!), there have been lots of positive comments on the blog (thank you!), and the adorable grandboy was here for… Continue reading Encourage One Another

The Endless Downward Pull of Temptation

Four days into 2016 and already my resolve is being tested. Maybe that's true for you as well, and as unsettling as it is to encounter our own lack of self-discipline or perseverance, it is certainly a helpful perspective to bring to the study of Hebrews 2:14-18. When Jesus took on the constraints of a body,… Continue reading The Endless Downward Pull of Temptation

Hebrews — “Be Confident!”

Reading Warren Wiersbe, I understand how my kids feel when I glance into a closet and pull out the basketball they "can't find."  It was there all along, but they just didn't see it.  In his writing Dr. Wiersbe pulls outlines and alliteration out of Scripture -- rather than imposing them upon the text --… Continue reading Hebrews — “Be Confident!”