I’ll Get Around to Considering the Lilies in a Minute, but First Let Me…

Consider the lilies

Sunday Scripture I grabbed first one and then the other Adirondack chair, dragging them both out of the mower's path, all the while thinking, "I don't know why we keep mowing around these things. We never have the time to actually sit in them." Well, the truth is that we have the same twenty-four hours… Continue reading I’ll Get Around to Considering the Lilies in a Minute, but First Let Me…

You Can Shatter the Habit of Comparison

You and I, too, can embrace the better habit of resting in God's love while delighting in the glorious comparability of all that he has made.

When is the last time you walked into a room full of women and just fully enjoyed everyone? The talkative and the more reticent? The natural leader and the sweetheart with the gift of helps? The carefully coiffed and manicured and the all-natural girl without a speck of makeup? My natural tendency is to compare,… Continue reading You Can Shatter the Habit of Comparison

Healing the Divided Self

David Letterman described life as a late-night TV host with this reflection: "Every night you're trying to prove your self-worth.  You want to be the absolute best, wittiest, smartest, most charming, best-smelling version of yourself.  If I can make people enjoy the experience and have a higher regard for me when I'm finished, it makes… Continue reading Healing the Divided Self

Rest: A Remedy, a Relief, and a Gift

Rest is a radical practice. In our hyper-scheduled culture that worships productivity, it's easy to slip into a negative attitude toward those who promote a more rest-filled lifestyle, but The Radical Pursuit of Rest is not seeking to add one more thing -- resting! -- to the already full do-list.  Author and professor John Koessler asserts that rest… Continue reading Rest: A Remedy, a Relief, and a Gift