Running the Race of Faith

Soaring on lyrical thermals, the author of Hebrews piles image upon image, linking his thoughts with conjunctions that urge the reader to keep a finger in the preceding pages -- all the while pressing forward for more encouragement.  Finding that ten out of the thirteen chapters begin with a conjunction, this last thunderous "therefore" that launches chapter… Continue reading Running the Race of Faith

The Glorious Right Angle

The patient husband and I have challenged ourselves to be more purposeful in our practice of hospitality this year -- to "meet the stranger at the gate" in our own little rural setting by inviting someone new and different into our home each month.  January was wonderful!  We enjoyed an evening with a couple we've… Continue reading The Glorious Right Angle

A Gift for All Times

Living on this country hill, it's easy to feel as if I'm a throw back to an earlier time.  My clothesline and my garden; the rows of canning jars full of colorful vegetables and homemade spaghetti sauce in the furnace room; the daily task of sweeping the bark and wood chips off the floor around the wood… Continue reading A Gift for All Times

Skidding into a Steadfast Hope

A quick (but extremely thorough) bout with a stomach virus provided some quiet in which to ponder the word "hope" in my preparation for this week's study of Hebrews 6.  Skidding to a stop, writing not one word, reading not one sentence, resting in the enforced quiet, I was able to see some road signs… Continue reading Skidding into a Steadfast Hope

The Temporary Dissonance

Peeling potatoes for dinner, I was listening to music -- a lovely arrangement around a poem by Robert Frost.  Of course, I couldn't help but sing along until . . . "BONG!" The clock in the living room began chiming the hour. The sudden dissonance stopped my singing, but not my enjoyment, because I love that clock,… Continue reading The Temporary Dissonance

Diligent Use of the Word of God

We had just moved into the area, bought a house, welcomed our first baby, and settled into a new church.  The house was definitely a fixer-upper, but we were determined to start practicing hospitality, so we had a steady stream of company, including a dear lady who sat next to me in the alto section of… Continue reading Diligent Use of the Word of God