The Hard Work of Hanging On and the Brave Work of Letting Go

The Hard Work of Hanging on and the Brave Work of Letting Go

Twenty years ago, my husband and I made one of the most difficult decisions of our married life:  we decided to leave a church and to worship elsewhere. Leaving behind dear people we loved (and likely offending more than one person in the process), we left that fellowship convinced that God was telling us it… Continue reading The Hard Work of Hanging On and the Brave Work of Letting Go

Practical Help for Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

A review of Journaling for the Soul by Deborah Haddix

Among the assorted ranks of those who practice journaling, you can record me in the column labeled "intimidated." Observation, application, and interpretation of my reading primes the pump, but never are my entries particularly stirring or insightful. My pages are scattered with partial outlines, first and second drafts of biblically-inspired poetry, and lists of questions… Continue reading Practical Help for Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

Your New Life Beyond the To-Do List

Review of Make a List by Marilyn McEntyre: Your New Life Beyond the To-Do List

As one who lives by a list, I have come to appreciate the satisfaction of a neat column of check marks at the end of a day, the faithful reminder to pray or to do or to go, and the convenience of a resource close at hand: "Didn't we buy slippers for her last Christmas?"… Continue reading Your New Life Beyond the To-Do List

4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care Quotient

4 Gifts: 4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care Quotient

"What would you like to do?" he asked. My good and faithful husband had hired a babysitter for our four sons (Combat pay!), and we were driving away from the house, the cavernous mini-van feeling empty and oddly quiet. "Good question," I thought, "What would I like to do?" As a homeschooling mum, church woman, maker of beds and… Continue reading 4 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care Quotient

The Importance of Becoming Curious at Mid-life and Beyond

Becoming Curious: God has equipped our souls for exploration.

Part of the delight of spending time with my tiny grandson is that he takes nothing for granted. Nothing. “Bam, why bubble pop?” “Because you stood on it.” “Why?” Well, good question.  Why, indeed, but our conversations routinely run on in this vein of relentless curiosity.  They move forward not because “Bam” comes up with… Continue reading The Importance of Becoming Curious at Mid-life and Beyond

The Ancient Way of Praying Made New

Last summer, sitting on a rocky beach with family all around, I noticed a small white shell among the scramble of stones and shards of driftwood. Soon I had collected a handful, all pure white and perfectly whorled, the former dwelling place for some diminutive, absentee mollusk. For a few days, I carried them around… Continue reading The Ancient Way of Praying Made New

10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

In His Image: 10 Ways to Reflect the Character of God

He placed one hand on the door frame, shifted his weight to one foot, and then placed the other small boot toe-down on the floor. Looking at his dad, he checked his hand position and then assumed the facial expression he deemed appropriate to the occasion, a conversation among "the guys." My grandson's imitation of… Continue reading 10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses

Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses based on Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton

Encased in a body that you recognize in the mirror, your soul is the "you" that's always been there peering back from your reflection. It's the part of you that infuses all the roles you play (parent, spouse, friend, leader, employee), and it's what makes those roles uniquely yours. Your soul is the place where… Continue reading Leadership Lessons from the Soul of Moses

A Time to Gather Stones

God is at work in the humdrum and repetitive tasks we perform. This is the Way of the Cross.

Every year in late spring, we till up an admirable crop of rocks as we prepare the garden soil for planting. Some years I have been diligent about collecting them. Other years . . . not so much. Regardless, there always seems to be a plentiful supply, and after twenty plus years of gardening in… Continue reading A Time to Gather Stones

Reclaiming Our Pilgrim Identity

All of us have a little wanderlust. Born to Wander by Michelle Van Loon

I did not set out to live at the same address for 25 years, and, technically, I suppose my deep roots in this country hill may disqualify me from reviewing a book entitled Born to Wander: Recovering the Value of Our Pilgrim Identity.  At the outset, I actually thought I had been born to wander,… Continue reading Reclaiming Our Pilgrim Identity