Palm Sunday: Celebrating a Day of Triumph and Tears

Palm Sunday Triumph and Tears

Sunday Scripture Today, we begin Holy Week with the waving of palms and the well-loved story about a borrowed colt, an adoring crowd, cloaks thrown on the ground, and a hero's welcome. Caught in the present moment, Jesus's disciples were likely imagining that this was IT, that this event was surely the climax of all… Continue reading Palm Sunday: Celebrating a Day of Triumph and Tears

Is Jesus Welcome to Make Another Palm Sunday Entrance?

Palm Sunday

Sunday Scripture By their narrowed eyes and over-the-shoulder glances, the sixth-grade boys made it very plain that they did not appreciate my presence in the classroom, especially since I was standing behind them where I could see their laptop screens and monitor their conversation. I was "just a substitute teacher" in the room, but my… Continue reading Is Jesus Welcome to Make Another Palm Sunday Entrance?

What You Believe About One Weekend in History

For years I celebrated Easter as if it were a stand-alone holiday, singing “Up from the Grave He Arose” without giving much thought to the horror of the Dying or the silence of the Dead. Providentially, my early efforts to incarnate and to enliven an invisible God in the hearts and minds of four sweet… Continue reading What You Believe About One Weekend in History

The Lion, the Lamb, and the Colt

Jesus arrived at the city gates like a conquering king, but left on Good Friday like a "lamb to the slaughter."

Sunday Scripture In his classic book, Orthodoxy, G.K. Chesterton described paradox as an affirming of the white and the red but never the pink. Two seemingly opposing truths stand side by side, but never blend. The following life is a call to embrace paradox. We affirm the truth of  the incarnation in which Christ remained… Continue reading The Lion, the Lamb, and the Colt