The October Book Talk Where We Are Celebrating Abundance!

October Book Talk

My joyful sunflowers have bowed their heads in the garden, waiting for the long winter to begin, but I have picked my last tomatoes and green beans, dug up the beets with my grandkids, and all the pumpkins and squash can sit on the deck for a bit longer while we wait for the first… Continue reading The October Book Talk Where We Are Celebrating Abundance!

Get Used to the Idea of Abundance

Sunday Scripture Spring is the season of hyperbole. Here in Maine, we live in the grip of winter's clutches long after the calendar makes its equinox announcement--picture a foot of snow the week before Mother's Day! Therefore, when yellow and green begin to show up in earnest, my eyes can't take it in fast enough.… Continue reading Get Used to the Idea of Abundance

Big Pizza Love and the Recipe that Makes it Happen

Big Pizza Love - My ability to stretch the circumference of my heart depends on my continual acceptance of the love of Christ for me.

“It’s pizza night!” Any Friday. Even every Friday. My boys never tire of those words. A bowl of popcorn, a favorite movie, and a few square feet of mozzarella magic, and it’s going to be a great evening. No question about it. In a family of four boys, food is currency, and pizza is the… Continue reading Big Pizza Love and the Recipe that Makes it Happen

Abundance and Harvest – Still in the Garden

Deep into the days of summer, I'm sharing a post that I wrote last year for my church's website.  With an early spring snow, this year's garden is behind schedule, but what a treasure it was to discover hearty, red-veined beet leaves during a just-before-dusk weeding session last night . . . Once the dew… Continue reading Abundance and Harvest – Still in the Garden

A Watered Garden in Time of Drought

We’re having a tiny drought here in Maine – nothing like the raging, fire-breathing variety that has been defoliating the West Coast. Even so, in these end-of-summer days, my garden and I are feeling this word: LACK As I haul plastic jugs of water that will rescue the geranium, restore the sunflowers, and rejuvenate the… Continue reading A Watered Garden in Time of Drought

It’s Time to Exhale

Breathing Room by Leeana Tankersley:  A Book Review Generally speaking, for most of us, it's not the catastrophes that wear us down.  It's the frictional grind of too many little things:  cars that fail to start, toddlers with a missing shoe, teens with missing respect, too much month and too little paycheck. Standing under a… Continue reading It’s Time to Exhale