What Do You Hope to Gain When You’re Neglecting the Care of Your Soul?

Neglecting the Care of Your Soul

In August, I injured my back--poor timing indeed with canning to do, tomatoes to pick, lawns to mow, and a family beach day on the calendar. Nevertheless, I know the drill: ice, rest, ibuprofen, repeat. I can cheat and be "more productive," but, when I do, I'm just slowing down the healing process. Which makes… Continue reading What Do You Hope to Gain When You’re Neglecting the Care of Your Soul?

Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job: Launching Our Children into Adulthood with Joy

Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job

Armed with passwords and last year’s tax forms, we gathered at the dining room table with my youngest son and his new wife. They had asked for help in the annual ritual of completing the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which college students must submit in order to qualify for scholarships of… Continue reading Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job: Launching Our Children into Adulthood with Joy

The November Book Talk and Why I Think Gratitude Is Like a Bouquet

Gratitude Bouquet

This month I have been making a practice of noticing all the regular, ordinary parts of my life that inspire gratitude. If we’re friends on Instagram, maybe you’ve seen that I’ve been posting a gratitude journal (almost) daily in my stories, but I haven’t been calling it a gratitude journal. I’ve been calling it a… Continue reading The November Book Talk and Why I Think Gratitude Is Like a Bouquet

Finding a Network of Life-Giving Friendship

Friendship is a life-giving gift in which we don't run away. We do the opposite.

The layers of life, in all their overwhelming proportions, call for a large God. The unexpected diagnosis, the many ways in which we disappoint ourselves, and the messiness of the generations all seem to come home to roost during middle age as parents depart this world and adult children come into their own. Margie Nethercott… Continue reading Finding a Network of Life-Giving Friendship

The Amazing Gift of Volunteer Love

Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. Isaiah 53

Whether it was pessimism or lack of imagination, it never once occurred to me to ask God for a husband or a family. Maybe that's why I value them as I do, for they are gifts that came to me, even though I lacked the good sense to pray for them. Cheryl Anne Tuggle calls… Continue reading The Amazing Gift of Volunteer Love

Standing on the Edge of Inside

In Eye of the Beholder, Luci Shaw awakens readers with visions of the extraordinary within the ordinary.

According to Richard Rohr, the prophets in a social structure stand off-center in a place of observation. Their position on "the edge of inside" affords them a view that is informed and yet independent. From this vantage point, the Apostle John was given the divine direction:  "Write what you see." And he saw plenty. At… Continue reading Standing on the Edge of Inside

Musings: November 2018

Wounded in Spirit

In just a few days, we'll begin the season of Advent. Even if you don't observe much else on the liturgical calendar, it's hard to avoid the on-ramp to Christmas. Instead of counting shopping days and check marks on my do-list, my practice has been to think of Advent as a time of preparation for… Continue reading Musings: November 2018

Run Toward the Darkness with Borrowed Light

Review of The Consequence of Moonlight by Sofia Starnes

In times of danger and disaster throughout history, true believers have made their mark by running toward the darkness. Whether it was a plague in second century Rome or a twenty-first century hurricane in America's deep south, if we follow Mr. Rogers's advice and "look for the helpers," we might be surprised by how many… Continue reading Run Toward the Darkness with Borrowed Light

The Ancient Way of Praying Made New

Last summer, sitting on a rocky beach with family all around, I noticed a small white shell among the scramble of stones and shards of driftwood. Soon I had collected a handful, all pure white and perfectly whorled, the former dwelling place for some diminutive, absentee mollusk. For a few days, I carried them around… Continue reading The Ancient Way of Praying Made New

Half Way to Entirely

Poetry of Jennifer Wallace in Almost Entirely. Middle Age, Midlife, Grief, Mourning

C.S. Lewis described the human condition as a process of always becoming more of what we already are. These are cautionary words for me at this point in middle age, particularly as I consider the possibilities. In Lewis's The Great Divorce, the Teacher speaks regretfully of a seemingly harmless woman who has come to the end of… Continue reading Half Way to Entirely