10 Important Things You Can’t Assume Your Teen Already Knows

You Can't Assume Your Teen Already Knows

After only five minutes in the presence of my granddaughter, I've already concluded that I don't have nearly enough ruffles and sequins in my closet. Of course, I recover quickly enough, not being even remotely a ruffles and sequins kind of woman, but that doesn't stop me from delighting in her girliness and her love… Continue reading 10 Important Things You Can’t Assume Your Teen Already Knows

Will Your Faith Stand the Test of Hard Questions?

The truth is that Christianity will stand up to scrutiny, but Christians must also stand up and become informed adherents to our faith as we strive to love God fully.

Pushing a middle-aged body out the door for a daily walk comes with its challenges, especially when I step up the pace to a jog/trot on the final hill leading home. I'm learning, though, that this discipline offers benefits beyond cardiovascular fitness and tending to the needs of a demanding dog. The impact of my… Continue reading Will Your Faith Stand the Test of Hard Questions?

What if Christians Became the Best Advertisement for Jesus?

What if Christians' irresistible faith became the best advertisement for Jesus?

The philosophical underpinnings of Christianity point the way to a community where each one competes to show maximum honor and respect to the others. The Bible describes a rule of life that values individuals as carriers of the image of God and the church gathered as a place to be refueled for maximum impact when… Continue reading What if Christians Became the Best Advertisement for Jesus?

Persuasion: Raising Questions and Opening Doors

Drawing upon the diverse perspectives of C.S. Lewis, Frances Schaeffer, and Peter Berger, then adding the distilled wisdom of his own years of experience, Os Guinness has produced a history, an anatomy, a road map, and a compass for those who would explore the field of apologetics as Christian persuasion or "the art of speaking to people… Continue reading Persuasion: Raising Questions and Opening Doors

National Geographic Meets Operation World

Author, Bryan Bishop set out to find answers in his travels through North American and Asia. What he found instead was a lot more questions. Based on reports of a Muslim who had a vision of Jesus as the living God and Savior -- who then began to read the Bible and evangelize his friends, Bryan began… Continue reading National Geographic Meets Operation World

Lonely on the Pinnacle of Truth

People have a tendency to view the population of the world on a continuum.  Everyone whose ideas and opinions are to the left of mine is, by definition, "a liberal," and is to be most conscientiously converted to my way of thinking.  Everyone whose ideas and opinions place them to the right of me on this imaginary… Continue reading Lonely on the Pinnacle of Truth

Unmasking the Substitutes

Nancy Pearcy's biographical sketch, woven into the pages of Finding Truth, chronicles her journey from agnostic, teenage skeptic to professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University -- but that is not the point of the book.  Her goal is to make a case for critical thinking in the church.  Offering her memoir as exemplar and… Continue reading Unmasking the Substitutes