Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

“Wait,” He said, and locked His gaze with eleven pairs of eyes brimming with question marks. “Wait. I have been your constant companion for three years, walking long deserted roads, sharing our meager meals, sleeping under the stars. I have answered your questions and rebuked your faithlessness, and now it is time for me to… Continue reading Wait for the Spirit of Christmas

Loving My Mid-Life Christmas

For the past several years, change has been the only constant in our Christmas celebration. Grown up sons marry, pack up their collection of treasured ornaments, and hang them on their own trees. College guys come home when they can and join in the fun on an intermittent schedule. Teens branching into individualized creativity grab… Continue reading Loving My Mid-Life Christmas

A Season of Listening

Season of Listening

Christmas is the season of listening. We gather around the story of Luke 2, as it's read aloud. We hang sleigh bells on our Christmas trees and on our door knobs and enjoy the nostalgia for days when holiday traffic was all "over the river and through the woods." Carols ring out in the most unlikely… Continue reading A Season of Listening

Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Word Made Flesh

In the month of December, the Christmas story often stands alone, lifted with huge parentheses out of the New Testament — maybe delivered in Linus’s hushed boy soprano, and then tucked away with the durable resin nativity set and the white twinkly lights until next year. It’s a great story, so it’s easy to see why… Continue reading Word Made Flesh — A Celebration of Reading for Advent

Weeping Woman of Ramah

(Matthew 2:16-18; Jeremiah 31:15; Isaiah 61:1-3) There was no angel appearance to my husband -- No timely warning granted for us to flee the danger and death of Herod's sword. Know that I, too, would have fled. I would have flown to the ends of the earth to dodge the flash of steel that ended my… Continue reading Weeping Woman of Ramah

The Season of Yes

“You can say ‘no.’” Immediately, my guard went up. It was Christmas time, so my planner was bulging its squares with lists of things to buy and to wrap and to bake.  What was my husband going to propose that required this ominous-sounding, front-loaded disclaimer? Well, it turns out that there was this puppy .… Continue reading The Season of Yes

A Very Tozer Christmas

My growing-up Christmases were heavy on Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.  Linus's hushed tones filled me in on the true meaning of Christmas via our first colored t.v., but I wanted that story to take center stage for my own children.  The celebration of Advent has been key for our family in spreading out… Continue reading A Very Tozer Christmas

Christmas Eve on the Hill

Not in the curl of smoke from cozy fire; Not in the fir trees, cloaked in snowy white; Nor chickadees in formal dark attire; Not in the wintry stars' pinpricks of light; Neither in the window candles, spilling Their golden rays across the powdered ground; Nor in the crimson berries' vivid contrast To holly's green… Continue reading Christmas Eve on the Hill

Don’t Be Afraid – Just Believe

Even in the mid-90’s, no one was still listening to records anymore, but, for me, there is still some Christmas music that must be heard against the crackling of needle on vinyl.  Classical guitar, organ and chimes, brass quintets – all instrumental arrangements of ancient carols whose lyrics, inscribed in memory like grooves on the… Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid – Just Believe

Behold Christmas — What Do You See?

There is something so motivational (and yet ominous) about the truth that we become like what we behold. In the routine of life, I may go through days half asleep. Or worse yet, I may come to the startling realization that I’m paying attention to all the wrong things. This is why I am thankful every Christmas that the… Continue reading Behold Christmas — What Do You See?