Did I Hear You Say You Want to Go Deep with Your Summer Reading?

Go Deep With Your Summer Reading

Summer time is famous for its beach reads, for light fiction with a happy ending or lots of breezy self-help selections. If that's you, then I'm not judging. Happy summer reading to you! Sometimes, though, summer is the perfect opportunity to go deep with your reading, to tackle a challenging author, to make time for… Continue reading Did I Hear You Say You Want to Go Deep with Your Summer Reading?

Why Is Prayer in the Night So Important?

Why is prayer in the night so important?

Sunday Scripture If you are a person whose eyes are open and watching in the wee hours, if sleep sometimes eludes you because you aren't sure who's actually in charge when you aren't, you may need words to remind you of the large truth that God's sovereignty, goodness, and love are in effect, even in… Continue reading Why Is Prayer in the Night So Important?

Sacred Ordinary/Ordinary Sacred

Annie Dillard has (famously) said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”  This is a cautionary saying for those of us who live our days as the sandwich-makers, the sock sorters, and the finders of misplaced library books.  Therefore, Liturgy of the Ordinary has landed upon my reading list… Continue reading Sacred Ordinary/Ordinary Sacred