The Amazing Hope of Transformation

While it's true that "by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear," it is also true that God is revealed most completely in the person of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Scripture Last night, a full moon lit up the sky here on the hill as a three-dimensional bank of stars drew my eye upward into cold darkness. When daylight comes, evidence for a lavishly generous Creator arrives in living color. Even on a bleak February day, the evergreens stand out against a field of… Continue reading The Amazing Hope of Transformation

The Miracle of Humanity (and Fairy Tales for Grown Ups)

She assumed a humble expression, but the look in her eyes said plenty. This was a great accomplishment. A moment. She held my gaze, and then allowed the smile in her blue eyes to spread to her entire face as she did it again: My granddaughter stood up in my lap. In Chapter 4 of Orthodoxy,… Continue reading The Miracle of Humanity (and Fairy Tales for Grown Ups)

Life, Life, and More Life

We picked raspberries a couple of weeks ago -- the free kind that grow along the edges of fields and in the company of thistles.  They were succulent.  I could wrap words around a description of raspberry picking:  the gentle encompassing pressure that releases a perfectly ripe berry from its stem; the empty white cone… Continue reading Life, Life, and More Life

The Heavens Declare!

Little people find words first for the people and the things that are most important to them.  As one of the "named people" in my grandson's life, I love to read books to him that include pictures of the sun, moon, and stars, because he responds by pointing to them, naming them over and over,… Continue reading The Heavens Declare!