Standing Beside You, Teaching What Is Good

"Mentoring is a discipleship relationship that focuses on equipping younger believers for the work of ministry so that they grow in maturity and unity in the faith with the ultmate goal of glorifying God."

My granddaughter's ponytail falls in blonde ringlets, and her wardrobe manifests all the many moods of pink and frilly. Having been a girl of a very different stripe, and then having raised four rowdy sons, I am in quiet awe of her unmitigated girliness. Together, we have made jam, blown bubbles, and painted messy pictures.… Continue reading Standing Beside You, Teaching What Is Good

Hope for the Hearts of Saints and Scoundrels

"Repentance is not just a tweak." ~Nancy Guthrie

One day, I stopped apologizing for my boring salvation story. While it's true that "I once was lost but now am found," there was no dramatic Damascus Road turnaround for me, no potty mouth to disinfect or cigarettes to snuff out. The real miracle, though, was that God landed with grace in the unseen muck… Continue reading Hope for the Hearts of Saints and Scoundrels

A Reasonable Response to the Miracle of Resurrection

Even with a ham in the oven and the house mostly presentable, my Easter bonnet is all askew this year. Is it possible to celebrate Easter in isolation? Can we really observe the highest holy day of our church calendar without rousing hymns and communal breakfasts and the perfume of Easter lilies in the sanctuary?… Continue reading A Reasonable Response to the Miracle of Resurrection

The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

Getting older seems to level the relational playing field -- at least that's what I'm finding. The past ten years have been enriched by relationships with women of all ages who have come to my Sunday school class or have attended our women's group.  I'm always surprised to find common ground with younger women with whom, if it had been possible… Continue reading The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

5 Smooth Stones

David stooped down and picked up a handful of stones, smooth to his touch and weighty.  The rest of his story tumbles effortlessly into memory:  the battle with Goliath, David's rise to fame in Israel, the finger of God upon his life.  In Five Traits of a Christ Follower, Doug Nuenke fills up the metaphor of those five… Continue reading 5 Smooth Stones

An Open Letter to My First Mentor

Happy Birthday, Joanne! Do people in heaven celebrate birthdays?  Probably not, but more important for you (and tragic for me) is that this is the tenth time you have celebrated a birthday in heaven.  Another thing I'm not absolutely clear on is whether you are aware of this birthday greeting; whether you are privy to some of the… Continue reading An Open Letter to My First Mentor