Innovative Solutions for Women’s Ministry Leaders

Women's ministry: "Intentionally provides biblically sound encouragement and spiritual driven growth opportunities.

A great gift that accompanies every invitation to speak at women's events is the opportunity to observe and to learn from leaders in a variety of contexts: What's working for them? How often do they meet? How does their leadership team function? I love working with the women at the church I call home. We've… Continue reading Innovative Solutions for Women’s Ministry Leaders

The Challenge of Women’s Work and the Great Commission

The Great Commission is an invitation to serve and to lead.

The Lausanne Covenant declares that the whole church is called to take the whole gospel to the whole world, and certainly Jesus makes His own intentions clear with His Great Commission.  How then are all God's amazing daughters to respond to this invitation while also remaining sensitive to theological controversies about the role of women in… Continue reading The Challenge of Women’s Work and the Great Commission

Divine Design

"As Christian women, we desire to honor God by living countercultural lives that reflect the beauty of Christ and His gospel to our world . . ." These powerful words lifted from the True Woman Manifesto are a wake up call to women, an invitation to enter into a life based on truth, and to… Continue reading Divine Design

The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

Getting older seems to level the relational playing field -- at least that's what I'm finding. The past ten years have been enriched by relationships with women of all ages who have come to my Sunday school class or have attended our women's group.  I'm always surprised to find common ground with younger women with whom, if it had been possible… Continue reading The Gentle Art of Discipling Women

10 Critical Concepts for Women’s Ministry

So, it turns out that stroller wheels still run pretty well over hummocky, leaf-strewn garden pathways, and that the thud of a tiny muck boot still makes the same satisfying "bong" against the metal bed of a wheelbarrow.  When the going gets desperate with a little guy, the desperate go outside -- just as I… Continue reading 10 Critical Concepts for Women’s Ministry