Learning Humility: Cooperating with God in God’s Time and in God’s Way

Learning Humility Cooperating with God

If I should ever happen to meet the Old Testament prophetess Huldah, I would fully expect her to have pale blue eyes like my friend Mary's. Mary had turned her eyes on full power the day she rebuked me for being a hypocrite. Gulp... Until that point, we were having a great visit, sharing how… Continue reading Learning Humility: Cooperating with God in God’s Time and in God’s Way

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Great Mothers-in-Law!

Happy Mother's Day!

Over time, a family with four sons develops a unique tone, a guy culture with a certain decibel level and a distinct way of doing life. As a mother of some now-married sons, it has been a joy to welcome other women into this circle — women who love my sons well and also have… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to all the Great Mothers-in-Law!

The Humility of the Given Self

“The best way to find out whether or not you really have a servant’s heart is to see what your reaction is when somebody treats you like one.”

I pushed the damp mop across the kitchen floor, knowing full well that I would be finding sticky spots on cupboard doors and drawer handles for days to come. The transformation of a bushel and a half of apples into smooth, pink applesauce is the work of a couple hours on my own. However, with… Continue reading The Humility of the Given Self

The Humility of Being Right

The Humility of Being Right

There's a peculiar satisfaction that comes with being right. Given the opportunity, we'll make an idol of it and even run roughshod over those we claim to love in order to win an argument, thereby trading peace for the honor of clutching the blue ribbon of rightness close to our hearts. Often what's at stake… Continue reading The Humility of Being Right

Finding Rest in Humility

Apparently, in addition to all his better-known gifts, Thomas Jefferson was a gardener. His experimentation with horticulture added over five hundred new fruits and vegetables to the world, but he was never able to successfully cultivate a vineyard at Monticello, his beloved Virginia home.  Here's why:  the French varieties of grapes he coveted had no… Continue reading Finding Rest in Humility