Let the Power and Providence of God Change the Way You Practice Your Faith

Brother Lawrence

Sunday Scripture and Book Talk Winter has come to this country hill, and the trees stand gaunt and leafless, silent, even in the wind unless a strong gust rattles their branches or snaps a limb. Barren trees in mid-winter brought Nicholas Herman to faith, dramatically, in 17th-century France as he considered "that with a little… Continue reading Let the Power and Providence of God Change the Way You Practice Your Faith

Do We Still Need to Know the Ten Commandments Today?

Do We Still Need to Know the Ten Commandments?

Christians, even the most devout, have an uneasy relationship with the Old Testament. We rhapsodize over the psalms and spin heroic tales from Israel's hall of fame, but to be honest, we're queasy over discussions of slavery, God-sanctioned Canaanite slaughter, the exclusion of women from worship spaces, and all manner of bizarre customs. We're far… Continue reading Do We Still Need to Know the Ten Commandments Today?

It’s Time to Conquer that Midyear Bible Reading Slump

The discipline and delight of steady and methodical Bible reading is life changing.

My ten-thousand-steps-a-day routine is a lot easier to accomplish in June than in January, the month when we all set our intentions for the year. The green world beckons, the garden needs tending, and our mowing business is in full steam ahead mode. (On a recent six-lawn Wednesday, I passed the ten thousand step mark… Continue reading It’s Time to Conquer that Midyear Bible Reading Slump

Musings: August 2018

Your struggle is exactly fitted to your soul.

One true gift of God is the tension of struggle: challenges that come out of nowhere just when you think the coast is clear; the demon Comparison that threatens to anchor you always in the Desert of Lack; besetting sins that cycle and re-cycle in a life that resembles an on-going game of Whack-a-Mole. Up… Continue reading Musings: August 2018

10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

In His Image: 10 Ways to Reflect the Character of God

He placed one hand on the door frame, shifted his weight to one foot, and then placed the other small boot toe-down on the floor. Looking at his dad, he checked his hand position and then assumed the facial expression he deemed appropriate to the occasion, a conversation among "the guys." My grandson's imitation of… Continue reading 10 Ways to Reflect God’s Character

February Musings — 2017

What February lacks in length, it has more than offset with depth -- of SNOW and MUD! No sooner do we shovel our way through two feet of fluffy beauty, than the sun comes out and melts it all, turning the world into chocolate pudding!  It's almost as if God is telling us to slow… Continue reading February Musings — 2017

Toward a Theology of Reverence and Awe

It is staggering to think that the life of faith is really an invitation to share in the nature of God.  He is holy, and he calls the believer to a life of holiness, providing the means and the might to make it happen.  He is loving, and He pours His love through us in… Continue reading Toward a Theology of Reverence and Awe

Essential for Teachers and for Learners

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin:  A Book Review I can't recall the last time I devoured a book in one evening, but that's what happened with Women of the Word.  I'm sure the reason is Jen Wilkin's laser focus on the topics that (after my family) are most important to me -- knowing the Bible… Continue reading Essential for Teachers and for Learners