Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job: Launching Our Children into Adulthood with Joy

Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job

Armed with passwords and last year’s tax forms, we gathered at the dining room table with my youngest son and his new wife. They had asked for help in the annual ritual of completing the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which college students must submit in order to qualify for scholarships of… Continue reading Mothering Ourselves Out of a Job: Launching Our Children into Adulthood with Joy

A Literary Pursuit of Beauty, Grace, and Truth

John Donne is just one of the poets featured in Leland Ryken's collection of devotional poetry, The Soul in Paraphrase

It's been a long time since I browsed in a Christian bookstore. They're exceptionally rare here in Maine, but on one of my last excursions, I inquired about the poetry section hoping to lay hands on something by Luci Shaw or Marjorie Maddox. Alas, it was not to be on this day. "We don't carry… Continue reading A Literary Pursuit of Beauty, Grace, and Truth

Listening to the Stories

The unexpected takes many forms.  A single phone call can change the shape of an entire day -- or a lifetime.  A trip to the grocery store can yield blessing or bane, and this truth about life compels me to keep my ears open to the stories that are unfolding all around me like an… Continue reading Listening to the Stories

Musings — July 2016

July has been a month of gatherings, and nothing is more precious to me than the gift of my patient husband and our family.  To celebrate Independence Day we all trekked to our favorite State Park on Lake St. George for a daylong picnic and swim, and then off to the fireworks.  We've relished a… Continue reading Musings — July 2016