Don’t Wait Around for a Perfect Beginning–Start Today!

Start Today

Conversations on a long road trip are often memorable, perhaps because desperation drives us to dig deeper—or at least to try harder. Somewhere on the Jersey Pike, we were talking about healthy habits and the difficulty of sustaining them. We lamented the hard work of Scripture memory and the need for continuous review. Our thoughtful… Continue reading Don’t Wait Around for a Perfect Beginning–Start Today!

How to Fight Fear and Anxiety by Hitting Your Mental Reset Button

Mental Reset Button

Sunday Scripture Conversations at our house tend to follow a pattern. We make a plan, and my husband assumes that all will be well. That's my cue to begin thinking about the details and coming up with at least five things that could (and probably will) go wrong. I've been honing my catastrophizing skills for… Continue reading How to Fight Fear and Anxiety by Hitting Your Mental Reset Button

Fear: It’s a Matter of Where You Are Standing

Sunday Scripture Welcome to the Christian life! It's a stress-free picnic every day with continual success, lots of friends, and the knowledge that your children will always be well-behaved in public. No problems, no questions, no doubts. Is that what you believe? If so, I have some incredibly good news for you that should help… Continue reading Fear: It’s a Matter of Where You Are Standing

Practical Help for Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

A review of Journaling for the Soul by Deborah Haddix

Among the assorted ranks of those who practice journaling, you can record me in the column labeled "intimidated." Observation, application, and interpretation of my reading primes the pump, but never are my entries particularly stirring or insightful. My pages are scattered with partial outlines, first and second drafts of biblically-inspired poetry, and lists of questions… Continue reading Practical Help for Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

Memorizing the Mind of God

“I want to keep it handy in case I need it,” she said, matter-of-factly. She wasn’t talking about a flashlight. Not a package of tissues. Not a cell phone – they hadn’t been invented in 1978. She was talking about Isaiah 55. “I liked it,” she went on.  “So I memorized it.” “Come, all you… Continue reading Memorizing the Mind of God

Habits of Grace

We refer to them as "spiritual disciplines," and then we stiffen our upper lip -- all the while fumbling tentatively for our boot straps.  Then, we proceed to dismiss the more rigorous of the lot (fasting, meditation) as pertinent only to high-power spiritual giants, and it turns out that we've got the wrong idea after all,… Continue reading Habits of Grace