The One and Only Safe Place to Go with Your Weakness

The Only Safe Place to Go With Your Weakness

Sunday Scripture It's a rough school day that ends with a show down in science class. Corporal punishment has been banished from the classroom, but sometimes it's the teacher who takes a beating. "Whatever made me think I could do this job?" I wondered, collapsing into weakness on the drive home. My best efforts with… Continue reading The One and Only Safe Place to Go with Your Weakness

Driven by Fear to the God Who Casts Out Fear

When fear threatens to extract all the air from my dreams, I’m thankful for the courage and strength that come from an upholding God. 

The road out of Jericho was always well-traveled, but Bartimaeus could sense something different in the air. Just as the angle of the hot sun on the back of his neck told him the time of day, the buzz of the crowd, the whispered excitement, and the press of bodies told him the truth that… Continue reading Driven by Fear to the God Who Casts Out Fear

Sending Grace Downstream

Dining on cubes of watermelon and calling it breakfast, the youngest son stands pajama-clad at the counter, his toothpick a dowser for the juiciest chunks.  In just a few end-of-summer days from now he will be up to his fetlocks in geometry, and I will be preserving the summer sweetness of our red tomatoes with… Continue reading Sending Grace Downstream

The Great Paradox

Rich in metaphor, dizzying in apparent contradiction, Scripture describes the Kingdom of God with upside-down truth:  life out of death, power in humility, healing from brokenness, suffering as the path to glory.  In Stronger, his gripping memoir, Clayton King captures the underlying, big-picture paradox, and while he's at it, he seizes the opportunity to relieve… Continue reading The Great Paradox