The Secret to Contentment in a Discontented World

Paul shares the secret of Christian contentment--the mark of a fully mature believer.

Secrets have a way of grabbing our attention, particularly if the secret comes with a promise of something good. If I claimed to know the secret location of a buried treasure or to possess the secret for permanent and effortless weight loss, the world would beat a path to my door. Paul claimed to know… Continue reading The Secret to Contentment in a Discontented World

8 Blessings of the Unsatisfied Life

8 Blessings of the Unsatisfied Life

Amy Simpson noticed early on that the tidy claims of Christianity were not lining up with the reality she was living at home. Suffering from the impact of her mother's serious and debilitating mental illness, her family was certainly not strolling toward heaven with all their needs met and a smile on their faces. In… Continue reading 8 Blessings of the Unsatisfied Life

Musings — November 2017

This has been a year of complicated math. With one son having spent a snowy spring semester plowing through an online Technical Math II class (every bit as bad as it sounds) and another presently working his way through geometry, we have had some fairly intense conversations around operations and theorems, but it's also been… Continue reading Musings — November 2017

Wreathed in Contentment

A toddler-sized pair of skates wired to an evergreen spray and adorned with a bow -- that's the best I can do! ┬áBut not everyone is craft-challenged like I am, and Sarah O. Maddox has made a practice of hanging a beautiful wreath on the door of her home no matter what the season as… Continue reading Wreathed in Contentment