Till We Have Faces: Welcome to the Discussion

Ask an author to name his favorite of all the books he's written, and most will demur, insisting that it's like trying to choose a favorite child.   Not C.S. Lewis. He believed Till We Have Faces to be his best book. In his novel based on the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, Lewis uses the… Continue reading Till We Have Faces: Welcome to the Discussion

Rekindling Relationship

Forgetful, we fall away. We center our faith around the responsibilities that we fulfill or the well-worn habits that frame the seasons, when Christianity, at its core, is not a job description, but, rather, a relationship.  Love for God is foundational to all defining realities of the true believer, and if it has ceased to… Continue reading Rekindling Relationship

Filling the Love Tank

For Mother's Day 2015, my boys collaborated on a load of bark mulch for my flower gardens -- and then faithfully spread every last particle.  What a gift!  They were certainly speaking my love language! Gary Chapman's five love languages have become woven into the fabric of our culture.  Any conversation centered around interpersonal dynamics… Continue reading Filling the Love Tank

The Paradox of Flourishing

One of the great joys of middle age has been the privilege of watching my oldest son and his wife parent a son who is made in the exact image and likeness of his energetic, curious, strong-willed dad.  Like all new parents, they are executing this balance of firmness and warmth, freedom and structure, love… Continue reading The Paradox of Flourishing

A Love Like No Other

About twenty-six years ago, a handsome young man in a tux stood before me and recited loving words of commitment that began like this: “Michele, joining my life with yours in the covenant of marriage . . .” And so our love story began with strong promises about loving and listening, respecting and revering.  By… Continue reading A Love Like No Other