What Do Biblical Stories Teach Us About God’s Heart for Women?

What Do Biblical Stories Teach Us About God's Heart for Women

I'm reading through the Bible again this year and working hard to pay attention to the BIG story. Genesis has started my year with one narrative after another, most of which any Sunday school child could retell, but my reading will be richer if I can bear in mind that all the little stories are… Continue reading What Do Biblical Stories Teach Us About God’s Heart for Women?

Join the Women of Easter

The Women of Easter

Some were mentioned by name. Others were never identified, but throughout the life of Jesus, we learn that there were "certain women" who traveled with Jesus, who welcomed Him when he needed a meal or a place to stay, who "provided for Him out of their means."  It is significant that there is no record… Continue reading Join the Women of Easter

No Sanction for Domestic Abuse

Ruth A. Tucker is a story teller. I have vivid and fond memories from my experience of reading her Dynamic Women of the Bible when it was released in 2014.  As she unfurled and then analyzed the story of each Biblical woman, tiny shards of her own story would poke through the narrative fabric:  an abusive husband, the humiliation… Continue reading No Sanction for Domestic Abuse

Author Interview: Debbie W. Wilson

Readers are always fascinated by the people behind the books they love.  If you have read Debbie W. Wilson's new book Little Women, BIG GOD (or if you've read my review here on the blog), your mind may be buzzing with questions as mine was.  Debbie has an official website where you can learn that she has… Continue reading Author Interview: Debbie W. Wilson

Five Women. Five Stories.

We've heard the stories so many times that their plots no longer phase us. Five husbands?  Sure. Jewish women publicly washing the Messiah's feet in costly oil?  Why not? A show-down in the temple between Grace and Law?  Yeah, it's fun when Jesus outsmarts the Pharisees. A desperately ill woman healed in a crowd with just a… Continue reading Five Women. Five Stories.