Listening In to One Side of a Father/Son Conversation

I love it when our kids call home. Often, it becomes a three-way (or even four-way) conversation, but sometimes our sons call and ask specifically to speak with their dad. When that happens, I know there's likely a decision in the pipeline, or they're working through a wrinkle in a relationship and want to vent… Continue reading Listening In to One Side of a Father/Son Conversation

November Musings — 2016

4988 -- Warm zucchini bread smelling like a cinnamon candle 4989 -- Church supper to celebrate our new pastor and our family connection 4990 -- Clanging of wind chime in the chill autumn breeze On the Monday before Thanksgiving Day, I recorded gift number 5,000 in my gratitude journal -- confirmed evidence of God's goodness… Continue reading November Musings — 2016