Have You Ever Been Inspired to Praise God for His Creativity?

God's Creativity

Sunday Scripture The woods behind my house is waking up. Sprigs of green are shooting their way up through last year's matted carpet, and swollen buds hint that my view is about to change from grey to vibrant. I never tire of this transition from death to life. God has crafted an infinitely varied range… Continue reading Have You Ever Been Inspired to Praise God for His Creativity?

A Love Song About the Life God Has Given

"Worship happens when someone is doing exactly what he or she was made to do."

In his theological writing, C.S. Lewis described an inconsolable longing, sehnsucht, and pointed to it as proof for the existence of God. In his fiction, Lewis's characters vividly enfleshed that longing in their pursuit of mystery and their yearning for adventure. Unless we have fully anesthetized ourselves with Netflix and Amazon Prime, we all experience that… Continue reading A Love Song About the Life God Has Given

Wonder 101: What Your Kids Can Teach You About Delighting in God

The embedded the spiritual practice of noticing God at work in the beauty around us sharpens our prayer life and leads to worship in the present moment.

My grandson's favorite grape tomatoes ripen to a vivid orange in the sunshine on one of the outside rows of my garden. He literally quivers with delight when we pick them together, filling container after container with their bright beauty--and a small one to stow in his cup holder for the ride home. Children do… Continue reading Wonder 101: What Your Kids Can Teach You About Delighting in God

Sunday Scripture ~ Genesis 1:1

The New City Catechism asks, "Who is God?" and then provides an answer based on the very first verse behind the leather cover of your Bible: "God is the Creator of everyone and everything." Whether you are personally in the business of creating by threading a needle or making music on a keyboard or by… Continue reading Sunday Scripture ~ Genesis 1:1

An Invitation to the Generative Life

A review of Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura and a case for creativity as part of our everyday lives.

Our first summer living on this country hill, the budget was tight and luxuries were few.  I had planted a garden that seemed huge to me at the time, and a friend, intending to surprise me, weeded the entire plot as a generous gift from the heart.  How could she have known that those random… Continue reading An Invitation to the Generative Life

It’s Time to Stop Comparing and Start Rejoicing

It's time to stop comparing and start rejoicing in the differences God has created.

I am, by nature, a do-er, but one of my favorite, long-time friends can "squander" an entire afternoon over tea and conversation without batting a remorseful eyelash. When we were both in the trenches of parenting toddlers, we twirled long phone cords, and I heard her sleep-deprived voice say, "Sometimes I just sit on the… Continue reading It’s Time to Stop Comparing and Start Rejoicing

Partners in Revelation: Bringing Beauty into View

Decoding the Beauty in the Universe

If it is true that, as we age, we become even more of whatever we have been all our lives, then Luci Shaw is becoming more and more difficult to "shelve."  A poet and essayist well into her eighties, she continues to tackle topics ranging from quantum mechanics and the incarnation to the haecceity** of… Continue reading Partners in Revelation: Bringing Beauty into View